In the grip of the first lockdown I would watch these trains pass my window rather than riding them myself.  They've always been special but this past year, even more so.

In October 2020, the Class 315 made its final journey on the London Liverpool Street - Chingford line, and this made me real sad.  So I made a very small, very shonky interactive poem about it.  It's probably not finished, but here it is anyway.

The sounds were really, really important to me.  So, after pulling the audio from tiny clips of film I had accumulated over the last couple of years, I asked Nick to make something of them so I could use them.  I think he's done a wonderful job (and you should check out his games, too). 

If you want to read more about why I love this rickety old train so much, feel free to head over here.


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I think the game may have loading issues I'm not sure as the second time I played it I seen a video where I had not seen that before as it was a still image (inside train looking at the seat)

oh how strange! It seems ok on my end but I'll take another look - thank you!